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Nice game, runs flawlessly on Debian sid.

However it always starts in fullscreen and it doesn't handle ultrawide resolution properly. The image scales horizontally and gets cut off at the upper/lower edges.

Any way to manually set resolution or use windowed mode?


Love it!

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I don't even know where to begin this thing is so awesome! As a person deeply in love with horror comics, H.P. Lovecraft and narrative storytelling intermixed into a game ... it's like all my Christmases came at once! Fantastic, scary, creepy, engrossing, unusual, unique! Please do more of this kind of thing, the game industry desperately needs more upper cortex stimulation instead of lower. For fans of Lovecraft, I would say this is a must-buy!!!!!!!!! If you never added anything else to it I would still consider this well worth the price, but I eagerly anticipate more content/other chapters added to this game! This is like a choose-your-own-adventure with hints of hunt-the-wumpus.  Very cool just as it is now, although with a little extra it could be a very addictive game. I would recommend randomizing the rooms a little more with some features and descriptive text plus arbitrary events in any given room. Otherwise, this game is both engaging and spooky and very off-beat. MOAR!

P.S. Warning! You will not get far in this game without using a little brainpower! You have to get the map and pay attention or you will die repeatedly on the first level after only a few rooms! Pay attention to the associations on the map with colors to indicate what they connect to. You may also have to confront at least one shoggoth and kill one dagon to make it down to the lower levels!

Thank you so much, such reviews help me move on! 
I'm very impressed of you to notice a reference to "Hunt the Wumpus"!

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The adventure begins!

Puzzle in progress


Looks interesting, will give it a try.

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Android version is available on Play Store now! Please pay attention, this early alpha version of game is not complete and may change in future. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait when I make a little bit more. Any feedback is welcome and helps me to make the Lovecraft Quest better!

Is the mimic and that rotation puzzle in the game? It doesnt seem to be and im curious.